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Trip Harrison Artist

Tripp Harrison Biography

Artist Tripp Harrison was raised in South Florida and there developed a love for the tropical beauty of warm climates. At the age of nineteen, while attending business school in Atlanta, he discovered a passion for painting and began to pursue it as a career.

Tripp Harrison paintings reflect a quality of peacefulness. Tripp Harrison Art originally focused on the coastal areas of the United States including Pawleys Island, South Carolina and Miami's Biscayne Bay. Working diligently, Tripp Harrison developed a style that conveyed a kind of serenity that would become his signature in artwork. Introduced to the Bahamas in the eighties, his work began to incorporate the lush tropical foliage and the brightly colored houses dotting the landscapes of places such as Hope Town, Harbour Island and Man-O-War Cay. Tripp quite simply fell in love with the Bahamas. Like many others attracted to tropical areas, Tripp senses a calmness about the islands that calls him back time and again to gather new subject matter.

The quality of Tripp Harrison art is unfailing. Coupled with his creative ability to capture the beauty and the romance of nature, Tripp has demonstrated a relentless pursuit for excellence in everything he has attempted. His work reflects an extraordinary power of observation. The subtle nuances of light and color are captured on canvas by an analytical eye and sensitive imagination..

Tripp's love and talent for art was kindled in his early teens by his beloved grandfather, Frank Tarlowski, who emigrated from Europe to become a noted American artist. Tripp's study of the life and work of Andrew Wyeth has also been a strong influence. Tripp credits hard work and perseverance for his abilities but also a keen eye and a constant study of things around him. Tripp resides with his wife Kathleen and their two children in historic St. Augustine.

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